Posted on: September 14, 2012


So I’m standing on the brink to the keys of the Lodge

but out come some haters

all they wanna do’s fudge

about the time I did this and the time I did that

furphies and lies they come out thick and fat

a girl she says I threatened her, punched a hole in the wall

what would she know the barren lefty, bloody atheist moll

that I punched the next treasurer, knocked him out on his feet

Don’t recall that one either but I love to compete

my ideas they were borne from the people around me

why disagree with me it bloody confounds me

I was raised strict Catholic

I was raised to defend

got a girl up the duff

it looked like the end

but I managed to convince her to give it away

and lucky for Australia you’ve got me today

an Australia that’s right

an Australia that’s preachy

Australia run by me that is perfectly peachy

White Australia not this failure

I will fight to the end

with us true Austrayans they never can blend

I love the earth, it’s not melting away

I deny this climate change crap everyday

Brown smoke pouring out that’s progress for us

I support the good people who came bus after bus

to Capital Hill with slogans and signs

crude puerile lines, poor people maligned

we ought pay more attention to those that are rich

I call out to Bolty, Alan Jones not that Deveny bitch

Don’t get me wrong I love women, I live at home with’em

My chief of staff, my deputy, Bronnie, Mirabella

And don’t forget Gina (though she looks like a fella)

This stuff will all pass

I’ll put my foot  up the arse

of anyone who dares not allow me to pass

my vision stays strong

I will never relax 

till I rid us of the biggest evil carbon tax

No MRRT, no boat people either

you must jest, I don’t rest, I don’t take a breather

hear me strong people from Perth to Mt Isa

come along for the ride, you will be none the wiser

because it’s time for me to go stop the boats

now be a good Austrayan

and give me your votes



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