Oh! The Depths You’ll Reach (with apologies to Dr Seuss)

Posted on: August 24, 2013



Today is your day

The election is here

You look shiny today!


We have great expectations

Our future rests upon it

Triennial amnesia

We all suffer from it


You’ll race to the bottom

With no element of care

You will pander to many

With souls that are bare


You will target the sectors

That need help the most

While preening to pundits

We’ve found savings! you’ll boast


You will go all imperial

On the arse of our neighbours

You’ll then act all wounded

When there aren’t any favours


You will denigrate, malign

You will put down and pester

While our national problems

Like sores they will fester


You’ll both strive to keep

Your true feelings under wraps

And in a moment of weakness

That façade it will lapse


You’ll kiss your constituents

Young bubs will be scarred

Back of envelope policy

When thinking’s too hard


But then you will realise

Three year cycles can’t fix it

As you walk through the door

One eye’s on the exit


You’ll rally against anyone

Who dares to find error

Experts are subjected

To weak minded terror


You’ll put on your best polish

And announce a new way

And then finally, the public

Knows it’s been led astray


Your fate will be chosen

By rich men with much ink

‘Robust media coverage’

You’ll either glow or you’ll stink


So as you make do

With a mandate democratic

If you remember one thing

Just keep it dramatic.


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